Live Dealer Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette

You can now play the exicting game of roulette in your own home for you r computer screen. Canpture the xcitement when you hear and see the live dealer. The ability fo tonteract with your dealer makes it more “real” than the many random number generator based games out there today.

At Dublin bet live casino you see that you get a real live web cam while playing at the roulette table. the dealer treats you just like the other players at the table in a real brick and mortor casino. You place your chips on the table on the left. Play to win! Get Real!
roulette live dealer table

Roulette itself is an easy game to play it is in the betting where the game becomes a bit complex. At one table you can play with 8 people. There is a dealer who will act as the banker as well as the person who will spin the wheel and spin the ball. Each player will choose a different color chip so the dealer can tell between the different players and their bets. If you win they will exchange your color chips for cash chips. Once you receive your color chips you place the chips on the color and number space on the printed table. You can choose any number you want, if other players are on the number you want you can still play that number. You can even play the zeros.

Once all the bets are placed you will hear the dealer call out no more bets. The dealer will spin the wheel first and then he will take the small white ball and spin it the other direction. Once the wheel is spun,, no player at any time can change a bet. Once the wheel stops the dealer will call a winner, he will then award the winner ( if there was one ) their winnings. Only after all the chips from the previous game are gone can you begin to place your new bets.

The house always has the advantage on these games on a double zero wheel the advantage of the house is 5.26 percent. The odds are winning are not in your favor at all. You can bet in 2 ways the Inside bets and the outside bets. The inside bets include a Straight which is a single number , the Split is when two numbers are next to each other on the vertical side or the horizontal side. The chip is placed between these numbers. The Street bet is a bet on three numbers on one horizontal line, the Corner or Square which is a 4 number bet in a square layout. The six line is when 2 bets are next to each other and the chip is then placed at the right intersection of the board, almost like where two street bets would be.

The Outside bets are the Even Money Bets which is a bet on 18 numbers, the Group bet which is a bet in the first, second, third group of 12 numbers and lastly there is the column bet which is where all 12 numbers on the three vertical lines has a bet on them.

Live Dealer RouletteIt may take you time to learn these bets and to have the confidence to play them. Beginners play the Straight bet, it is easy to place one or more chips on different squares and hope for the best. Read up on the game as much as you can before you go to the casino. When you go to the casino find a wheel that has a low minimum bet, if you have never played the game before then you will want to study up so you don’t play like a beginner and you won’t lose a lot of money in the process,. One quick tip, if you play 3 rounds in a row and you lose all of the rounds , WALK AWAY.

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